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Pro Drive holds test days throughout the racing season to all competition license holders.

Test days consist of open track from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. No sessions! Half day test days available.

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Full Day$495.00

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Half Day$295.00

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since 1960


More than half a century ago, the Portland International Raceway site was something quite different than a park: a city.

Built during World War II as housing for Kaiser shipyard workers, the city of Vanport was home to nearly 40,000 people at its peak, making it the second largest city in Oregon. But, built behind dikes, Vanport was washed away by a flood in 1948, never to be rebuilt.

The site, 640 acres of low-lying farmland, was America's largest public housing project, and was built in less than 10 months. There was a library, post office, police station, several fire houses, an infirmary, stores, five elementary schools and a 750-seat movie theater. Vanport College, created after the war to support veterans headed to school on the G.I. Bill, moved after the flood to become Portland State University.

Left from the remains of Vanport was an intact street system, and little else, when acquired by the City of Portland in 1960.

It was a time of growing interest in sports car and drag racing, and the Portland Jaycees saw that the abandoned roads of Vanport had the potential to become a road race course. In 1961 the first Rose Cup race was held as part of the Portland Rose Festival.

By 1965 the track was hosting regular drag races as well as motorcycle and kart races.

vanport was washed away by a flood in 1948

the Portland Jaycees saw the potential of abandoned vanport roads to become a road race course

Portland International Raceway in numbers

PIR is a 1.97 mile permanent
road course, located 3 miles north
of downtown Portland Oregon.
Enlarge Image

49 years

of motocross racing

400,000 visitors

come each year to PIR

550 events

take place at PIR each year


approximate number of local jobs attributed to PIR

$0 tax dollars

are coming to PIR yearly. In fact PIR generates an estimated $45 million a year to the regional economy with 700 jobs in the area, bringing business to hotels, restaurants and shops.

1.97 MILES/3.17 KM & 1.915 MILES/3.08 KM

Distance in miles & kilometers with the chicane and without

4.804 seconds

Lowest ¼ mile time at PIR, done by a rocket car in September 1973, driven by John Paxson; top speed was 324.90 mph

268 acres

is the total size of Portland International Raceway, from which 83 acres are of environmental protection zones


amount of net yearly economic impact by PIR on Multnomah county