High Performance
Driving Course

Now is your chance to test your car on the twists and turns
of a world-class racetrack!
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Whether you’re looking to drive on the race track for the first time or you are a seasoned track day driver, this course is for you!


1. High performance driving course

Ready to break the speed limit in your car
at Portland International Raceway?


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This one-day course emphasizes driver development for drivers of all levels of experience.

The instruction is one-on-one so that it can be customized for you and your car. You will start with a classroom session discussing vehicle dynamics and precise car control skills. Then you will begin a series of lapping sessions on Portland International Raceway in your own car with a professional instructor giving you valuable insight on your driving techniques.

What's included

  • One-day High Performance Driving Course
  • Custom one-on-one instruction for you and your car
  • Vehicle dynamics & precise car control skills classroom session
  • Series of lapping sessions on Portland International Raceway
  • Personal professional instructor

2. High Performance + Car Control Package

Highly Recommended

Test your street car on the twists & turns of PIR and
take a spin in the Pro Drive SkidCars.

High Performance Driving Course:
Car Control Driving Course (Skid Car):
Total for purchasing courses separately:
SAVE $150!

$1048.00 $898.00

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The Car Control course is behind-the-wheel training conducted in the Pro Drive SkidCars. Learn how a car can lose control and what to do if it does. SAVE with purchase of both the High Performance Driving Course and the Car Control Course.

Important Note: Courses are scheduled on separate days. High Performance date is fixed (held during the spring and summer months). SkidCar date is flexible (held year round).

What's included

3. High Performance Advanced Lapping

Ready to speed around the racetrack
on your own?

FULL DAY $399.00 Group C - 4 sessions
Open Track from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
OPEN TRACK $149.00 Open track from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Pro Drive offers quality track time to advanced drivers who have received solo lapping credentials.

Successful completion of at least three (3) High Performance Driving Courses within 2 seasons and solo lapping sign off by instructor.

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